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this website is the result of a close cooperation of a group of people with very different backgrounds that, beyond the owners of the apartments, comprises diverse areas, such as web-design, IT, arts, history, linguistics, for only then could it become a reality. To all, our deepest THANK YOU.

    José Poças


    José Manuel Domingues Poças is a medical specialist in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine with the rank of Head of Department in the medical career, and is currently the Chief of Staff at the São Bernardo Hospital in Setúbal, where has worked for over 30 years. Poças also practices private medicine and has a doctor’s office, the “Consulped” Clinic. He is currently 60 years old, married to Ana Paula Guerreiro Gonçalves Mendes (a former classmate) and has two children and two grandchildren.

    José has held numerous positions at institutional and extra-hospital levels, having been President of the Medical District of Setúbal of the Portuguese Medical Association for six consecutive years. From a scientific point of view, it is important to mention that he worked as a pre and post-graduate teaching staff, collaborated in several masters and PhD theses, participated as a candidate and as a jury member of several competitions in the medical career, tutored various internal doctors of various medical specialties, participated and organized dozens of medical meeting at a national and international level, integrated several clinical research projects and published dozens of scientific papers in national and foreign magazines and books, in particular, articles of reflection about the professional practice and the health care organization in the Portuguese Medical Association magazine. He has three awards from the Medical Society of the District Hospitals of the South Area; is a member of several national and international medical societies, and incorporates, as a member of the Scientific Council and as a referee, the specialist body of some national and foreign publications.

    He has a passion for cultural tourism, in particular oenology, gastronomy and historical heritage; has visited several countries on almost all continents, especially those with architectural heritage built by the Portuguese; also has a passion for history, namely Christopher Columbus, the Epic Discoveries and the religious phenomena; history of medicine, with emphasis on microbiology and contagious diseases; for literature, such as historical romance; and music lover and collector. He also received two photography awards, collaborating in the publication of several books, such as “Memórias do Instituto de Malariologia de Águas de Moura” and “Desnudando o sexo dos anjos: Da biografia à história e da história às estórias” and edited his first book “Ode ou Requiem: Alegoria sobre a natureza do ato médico, a propósito de algumas histórias clínicas reais” in 2015. He was appointed personality of the year in 2015 by the Setúbal Clube Rotary.

    José Poças is currently the LAHSB’s Head of the Hospital Service for the Sick Person, the FPCCS’s Honorary President, the LACPEDI’s President of the Advisory Board of Setúbal, and Editor and Coordinator of the Editorial Committee of the book “Um Contributo Português para a Candidatura da Relação Médico Doente a Património Imaterial da Humanidade” to UNESCO, which is an initiative of the Portuguese Medical Association.

    In January 2018, along with his wife, he initiated a project of Local Housing. “Carmos’s Residance, Art Apartments” (refer to located in the historical area of Setúbal, in a restored building belonging to his wife’s family.

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    Isabel Lucas


    Isabel Maria Guerreiro G. Mendes Oleiro Lucas was born in Setúbal in 1953, and holds a degree in History from the Faculty of Arts from the University of Lisbon and a Master’s degree in Medieval and Renaissance History from the Faculty of Arts from the University of Porto.

    Isabel began her professional activity in the academic year of 1976-1977 as a History professor at the former Commercial and Industrial School, current Sebastião da Gama Secondary School.

    Later she dedicated her time to studying and investigating the areas of Cultural Heritage and Local History, having finished her professional career as a Senior Technician of the Montijo Municipal Archive in 2011.

    Among the various works carried out in these areas are some published books, highlighting her master’s thesis “As Ermidas da Ordem de Santiago nas Visitações de Palmela do século XVI” (The Hermitages of the Order of Santiago in the Palmela Visits of the 16th century) defended at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto in 2004 and published by Palmela’s Town Hall in 2011.

    Eduardo Carqueijeiro


    Eduardo Carqueijeiro is, among other things, a painter.

    In constant activity, he has organized and/or participated in collective exhibitions, outdoor painting, meetings, conferences, performances, publications, musical shows, besides being a monitor of free painting courses and illustrator of numerous edited works. He is also a professional dedicated to his profession and passion, with proficient and vast experience in Portugal and abroad.

    Born in Setúbal, he graduated in Architecture from the Lisbon’s Escola Superior de Belas Artes (School of Fine Arts), having had as professors Frederico Jorge and Daciano Costa, as well as António Sena and João Hogan at AR.CO, where he studyied painting and engraving from 1976 to 1981. He also specialized in London art schools – Slade School of Art and Central St. Martins College of Art & Design (in 1998 and 2011). He holds a Master of Science from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

    He reconciles his professional experience with his art through a fusion between art and science, which he takes advantage of in his exhibitions, performances, works of illustration and curatorships.

    Eduardo has 30 years of experience and practice as an artist, painting continuously, and having participated in 113 collective exhibitions and carried out 28 individual exhibitions.

    Poetry has always been a source of inspiration, and he has also illustrated countless books of poetry and prose.

    He has a cultural merit medal by the city of Setúbal. And he is represented in both national and international collections. Eduardo is also a part of several local collectives (like Synapsis) and international collections.

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    Álvaro Piteira


    Álvaro Piteira has always worked in areas related to graphism and programming.

    During the 20th century he worked mainly in the sectors of the construction, fashion and textiles, having designed and programmed almost everything, from tombs in cemeteries to fashion outfits for Moda Lisboa.

    With the arrival of the 21st century, he went for an upgrade at CITI – Research Center for Interactive Technologies of the New University of Lisbon and dedicated himself exclusively to the multimedia area (and whenever possible only in digital format because that is the only way not to have to deal with stocks or having to get your hands dirty with paints!…) where he has already been awarded a few prizes at a national level.

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    Sara Pereira


    Sara Pereira has a degree and a masters in Translation and has specialized in the technical area. She has been a freelance worker for ten years.

    She is fluent in English and Spanish and has an excellent understanding of the languages in reading, speaking and listening.

    Sara masters CAT tools such as Office (Word, Excel, Outlook e PowerPoint), SDL Trados Studio 2015 e memoQ 2015.

    She also has experience in sales, customer service and administration.

    Sara is currently a secretary at Esri Portugal, and is responsible for maintenance, reception area and travel arrangements.

    In her spare time she works as a freelance translator, namely for Borer Chemie AG, Switzerland.

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